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Message from PIC president 2020

PIC president message 2020

 As a leading preparatory school only for Keio students, PIC is positioned like no other school to manage the space where Keio students and excellent teachers meet for nearly thirty years.
 The recent social situation surrounding education is changing drastically due to the reformation over university entrance examinations, the change of English learning goal at high school, and the introduction of active learning methods with which students are more directly involved in its process. It is true that the change of these social environments always has a positive and negative side. However, in response to this shift, our upgrading of teaching skills and acquisition of updated knowledge throughout life are promoted in order to sufficiently meet the social demand. We are expected to be more excellent educators and life-long learners than ever before.
 Meanwhile, because anyone may start to find some social stagnation in our slowly deteriorating and rapidly aging society these years, it appears that some people cannot keep their pride without praising themselves like “cool” or “great”. Denying the harsh reality and clinging to past glory days will never put an end to the complicated circumstances. On the contrary, it results that we may be left behind while we have been sitting passively by. We need to humbly admit that for some aspects, our country is not so wealthy as it was. It is still an advanced nation, but as for the standard of living, our nation has been in economic hibernation for over twenty years while other developed countries are steadily growing. In the past, our income was the second highest in the world. Latest data indicate that it is the thirty third, which is slightly better than Italy and Korea with no noticeable difference.  As a matter of course, this economic indicator may not be necessarily critical to our future. At the same time, this is a matter that cannot be ignored. Now we are asked what social framework we require to construct toward improvement of national welfare and sustainable development, and what educational system we need to design in order that young generation who support tomorrow society may acquire universal knowledge and understanding both in humanities and natural sciences.
 It goes without saying that we are not passengers who are buffeted by waves but crews who shoulder the responsibility in a large vessel. As is frequently said, most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope. Therefore, it is essential that each of us should try to steer the vessel and do what we can do. This simple truth leads us to offer a distinctive education in which you, Keio students, are cultivating deep disciplinary knowledge and improving the academic ability not only for your personal accomplishment, but also for our bright future. It is our strong conviction that you can proceed far beyond self-imposed limitations.
   As we have stated in our philosophy and policy, under any circumstances, our main mission that remains unchanged is developing students into intelligent and trustworthy members of society through our education.
 On behalf of the entire school, I welcome your involvement as we educate and create for our better learning environment. Furthermore, if you have dreams and you are willing to study diligently to achieve them, PIC will show the royal road to get you there.

  Smash an imaginary glass!
  You just got it wrong, oh, oh!
  Never give up before you try!
  Live your life by your own values!    Keyakizaka 46

February, 2020  PIC president and chief instructor

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