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Message from PIC president 2021

Message from PIC president 2021

 In the midst of historic pandemic, what should we do in order for our society to continue to exist as a member of advanced nations when we confront unprecedented challenges that it has heretofore never experienced?

 Now no one can deny the reality of our relatively declining economy, the increase of poverty and the expansion of domestic economic disparity. Moreover, some are afraid that these widening gaps can lead to new class society like a past ghost which we have not seen for a long time and that our nation is becoming quite different from what it was. It is true that our GDP is the third in the world, however now our GDP per capita is the 26th and average annual wage is the 20th, which means that we get steadily poorer than the former generation and stand on the edge of the advanced nations. Furthermore, we face the intertwined challenges of rapid population aging and high government debt. Unfortunately, even a clue to solution for these unexperienced problems is not found in the difficult times to coexist with coronavirus. On the contrary, although this is my individual point of view, some people always try to hide the problems from us as if a lazy student hides his or her test scores from parents, or otherwise to make them look smaller as if an idle student often tells that his or her mistake on tests is trivial. Since many of us vaguely feel uneasy about the future, it may become difficult for us to accept the harsh reality as it is.
 We cannot afford to waste our precious time. Then, it is time for each of us to take immediate action in order to change this situation. If there is a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, it is necessarily based on quality education and lifelong learning for all.
 Whereas what we should do is enormous, what we can do is limited. This simple fact is obvious to everyone that does not look away from the truth. Everyone must do what they can do for the bright future. It goes without saying that PIC is no exception. This is the exact reason why as a leading preparatory school only for Keio students we commit to you that we offer excellent education as far as possible. Simultaneously we ourselves should be lifelong learners for the purpose of improving our teaching skills and updating our knowledge at the same time. Honestly speaking, PIC is not interested in “dreamy study method” or “efficient learning method” only to improve test scores, because our experiences tell that the concept which students acquire in such learning methods remains abstract or disconnected from first-hand experience and that as a result, they may be less likely to remember and understand what they learned. However, we have thorough knowledge to improve student's academic ability and level of comprehension. As regards this point, we would like to cooperate and compete with conscientious Keio high school teachers toward the same goal. It is our pride that what we offer is not supplementary learning but authentic education with which students are more likely to be interested in what they are learning, more motivated to learn new concepts and skills, and better prepared to succeed in university and careers. Therefore, our priority is always to enable students to solidly acquire basic and fundamental knowledge and skills. In consequence, this naturally leads to better scores on examinations and your future success.

 In this difficult situation, we must adjust to the new normal. Nevertheless, we are sure that one thing that has never changed is your resilient determination to forge ahead. As I have mentioned many times, we continue to hold true to our primary objectives: the safety of PIC students, teachers and staff, and make a commitment to our school’s mission to offer an excellent education to Keio students. We have encountered many challenges since last year. However, these experiences have helped build our expertise and we are encouraged by the flexibility and fortitude which I have seen during this trying time. Thus, PIC also do our best and continue providing Keio students with all the knowledge that we preserve and all the education that we can create. Boys, girls, transgenders, and non-binary genders, never stop learning. This will show you only one exit to get through the dark tunnel. Let’s work harder together.

January, 2021  PIC president and chief instructor

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